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ACASPA and BMAA 2010

Back to back… the biggest trade shows on the Australian fabric calendar!

Inline Image Both the ACASPA and BMAA Expos are up at the Gold Coast this year. And I'm sorry Southerners, but there are worse places to hold a trade show in Winter!

Australian trade shows are different to most European shows. Because they are normally put on by industry associations instead of private exhibition companies who seem only interested in extracting every last cent from exhibitors, Aussie shows are normally cheaper and life is a lot easier.

Old customers turn up just to say hello and the atmosphere is often more like a golf day with friends rather than a Trade show!

Aeronaut will be exhibiting at both Expos and showing off the latest developments in automated cutters, rapid patterning tools and software. Read More »

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Crush Cut or Ultrasonic Cut?

Inline Image About 18 months ago, Aeronaut introduced what was possibly the first automated ultrasonic cutter for industrial textiles in the world, the Elektron Ultra.

In fact a few European fabric makers who did not believe it was possible, sent fabric for sample cutting. We cut some concentric circles and they were amazed by the quality of the results.

We've made a few changes to the machines and the table surface and the feedback from customers is very good… Aeronaut ultrasonic cutters can produce up to 4 times the output of conventional machines.

It's a fact that most of this has been market driven. Several customers specifically asked us to make an automated ultrasonic cutter. So it's not really a surprise that we've now been asked if the Aeronaut Ultra machines can also be used for crush cutting.

After testing and sending the results back to customers, the answer appears to be "Yes!" You can easily crush cut and ultrasonically cut on the same machine. Read More »

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The Knacker's Yard

Inline Image It's always been Aeronaut policy to keep old machines working. Some customers have machines which are 20 years old and probably 98% of Aeronaut cutters are still working.

However, there does come a time when it's no longer commercially sensible to continue to base your cutting work around very old technology.

The big problem is electronics, where manufacturers discontinue products and don't provide any direct upgrades. This includes computers, motion controllers and motor drives.

For example, many newer model computers with current operating systems can't run old software. Something fairly common like a computer power supply failure can force you to buy a new computer which in turn may not run your old software. Read More »

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