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Aeronaut News May 2013

SuperExpo 2013.

SuperExpo 2013

SuperExpo 2103 up at the Gold Coast promises to be Super in more than just name.

Two major industry associations, the Blind Makers Assoc (BMAA) and the Specialised Textiles Association (STA) are joining forces for the first time to bring us the biggest and best regional trade show for window furnishings, industrial and technical textiles.

Of course Aeronaut will be there and we'll be demonstrating Elektron automated cutting systems and introducing the new Tangent 7 with SiliconEye machine vision. Read More »

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SiliconEye Machine Vision

SiliconEye Machine Vision

SiliconEye is Aeronaut's new and revolutionary machine vision system and it's going to change the way you look at automated cutting.

Of course SiliconEye can trace patterns from paper, wood and card templates in an instant as well as scan and trace leather hides but that's only a fraction of the full story.

SiliconEye can generate grids from striped or patterned fabric. Fabric no longer has to be square to the cutting table. SiliconEye will let you accurately nest into scrap material, set registration marks and a whole lot more.

If you are cutting anything more expensive than old newspaper, SiliconEye is going help you save time, fabric and reduce waste. SiliconEye is a simple, easy to operate and low-cost machine vision system that has a place over every cutting table. Read More »

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Waste not, want not.

Nest into scrap fabric with SiliconEye

The most expensive fabric you'll ever see is the stuff that someone's about to throw out. SiliconEye gives you the vision to save money and use this scrap.

The problem with using offcuts of fabric is that they're normally odd shapes. SiliconEye is so simple and fast that it can accurately capture the oddest shaped pieces of fabric in a flash. You can be nesting directly over a high-res picture and cutting something useful out of scrap in less time than it would take to throw it out. Read More »

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Register Here.

Register with SiliconEye

If you want to cut out a design on a patterned piece of fabric, SiliconEye makes aligning the cut path with the fabric image about as quick and easy as it is going to get.

Patterned fabrics, digitally printed material, logos and bonded inserts… because you can see what you are nesting over, you can accurately position a cut with a Tangent grid or with registration marks or even by eye.

Registration and alignment of complex shapes to patterned material is so simple with SiliconEye that it opens a whole new world of opportunities for almost any cutter user. Read More »

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