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BMAA Expo 2010

Australia's biggest window furnishings trade show.

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The Blind Manufacturer's Association of Australia's Expo 2010 opens at the Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast from 21-23 July.

The BMAA Expo is one of the largest trade shows on the Australian industrial textiles calender and is always well attended.

While Aeronaut is looking forward to meeting customers and showing the latest developments in automated cutting of window furnishings, a few existing customers have already jumped the gun and ordered new machines to be installed before the new season gets underway. Read More »

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Why Future Proof?

Inline Image Over the last decade or so, there have been some huge changes in industrial texiles. In some cases technology has driven these changes in fabric. And in other cases, it's fashion.

As machine makers, Aeronaut is often asked to solve technical problems with cutting industrial textiles and it's clear that if you are not careful, today's solution to a cutting or processing problem could be next year's white elephant.

That's why Aeronaut has spent such a lot of time developing machines with quick-change tool-holders and developing specialised tools to suit.

Aeronaut is unique in being able to supply a full range of cutting techology including blade, ultrasonic, laser and crush cutting, mostly quick-change and often on the same machine.

We've recently done a lot of testing of fabric with our crush cutting/ultrasonic machines and the results have been resoundingly positive with three sales in one month alone of this type of machine. Read More »

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Elektron B2 Samplemaker… relaunched in the USA!

Inline Image Aeronaut's revolutionary bayonet mount quick-change tooling was originally developed for a packaging sample-maker ordered by a US customer.

Two heavy-duty steered tools meant that not only powered tools such as reciprocating blade cutters and ultrasonic tools could be carried but also creasing, scoring and rotary blade tools.

The Maxis ll went on to be a very successful design, both in sample making, short run packaging and as a versatile automated cutter for industrial textiles.

The Elektron chassis is considerably stiffer, lighter and lower maintenance than the Maxis chassis, so it made sense to adapt the bayonet tool system with a few improvements to the Elektron range of machines.

The Elektron B2 is being relaunched in the USA by our new packaging industry distributor, BXMKR… Read More »

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Have you got a great product?

If you're an Aeronaut customer and you're making interesting products, why don't you drop us a line so we can share your story?

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