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October-November 2009

Aeronaut @ METS Amsterdam 2009

Inline Image Aeronaut is exhibiting at METS again this year. We will be in company with our European Distributors, from France, Spain and the UK so there's a group of languages and accents to choose from.

You can get free entry to the METS trade show by registering here…

Aeronaut has a larger stand this year and will be showing an Elektron Quattro automated cutter. This machine is a bit overkill for sailmakers… the Elektron Mono LC has been made specially for sailmakers, but it is perfect for things like covers, inflatable boats and general canvas and PVC work where more than one tool needs to be used on a job. This machine is fitted with an automated fabric feeding system.

We will also have a Hypergrinder attachment and a Proliner demonstration unit (details for these are also on this page). We very much look forward to meeting old and new friends and customers each year at METS. Read More »

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String Sail Evolution 2009

Inline Image Aeronaut is the major manufacturer of string sail machines used in plants around the world. If a string sail is not North's 3DL, then the chances are that it was made using an Aeronaut machine.

From the 2009 Annapolis Boat show in the USA, Evolution Sails said they use "an Aeronaut stringing machine. Same as D4 and Quantum… Everybody uses it. It's basically an off the shelf piece like a sewing machine. Just how you use that machine is how you differentiate different sailmakers".

You can watch the full YouTube interview with Evolution from Annapolis on the Evolution Sails web site, or read more about Aeronaut stringing machines on our web site. Read More »

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Automated Fabric Feeder Systems

Inline Image Aeronaut has released a fabric feeding or pulling system to fit on Elektron cutters. The system consists of gantry mounted fabric grippers working with an alignment and feeding system at the table end. The system can be supplied in a simple manually operated or in fully automatic versions.

The fabric feeder system can spread almost all styles and widths of fabric on a vacuum table and minimises operator workload and fabric distortion.

The time taken to position fabric on a 10 metre table ready for cutting is around 30 seconds. The fully automatic system can be operated entirely from the operator's position at the home end of the table.

The fabric feeding system is available now, and can be fitted to new and existing Aeronaut cutting tables. Read More »

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