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METS 2010

The World's biggest marine trade show.

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METS is the biggest and busiest trade show in our calendar. It's a great chance to catch up with our sailmaking, marine composite and boat cover friends and customers from all over the world.

This time around, Aeronaut has a new and in some cases eagerly awaited products on show including the new low-cost Mikron cutter, Tangent 5 and some much sharper prices on laser cutters. Details of all these are in this newsletter

If you want to come to METS, you're best to pre-register and get in free. The details are on our website. Read More »

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The (low cost and) Mighty Mikron!

Inline Image Aeronaut's big news at METS 2010 is the release of the Mikron cutter. The Mikron is an accurate, tough and most importantly, low-cost entry level cutter which is built to the normal Aeronaut quality standard.

It's well known that the performance and reliability of other low-cost cutters is not all you'd hope for. In that case, the Mikron is the answer to your dreams… Everything possible has been done to make the Mikron the best value entry level cutter without compromising anything in quality, industrial strength, long life and performance.

See the Mikron "in the metal" on the Aeronaut stand at METS or get the details from our website. Read More »

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Finally, Tangent 5 is here.

Inline Image Tangent 5 has been a long time coming, but now it's here! Tangent 5 is a revolution in nesting and cutting software. Re-written from the ground up, Tangent 5 is a truly modern program.

A few killer features in Tangent 5…

Multi-tasking. Open files, nest and cut all at the same time. You can queue background nesting even while opening files, hand nesting while the cutter works away in the background.

Templates. Using templates, you can import pattern files into Tangent and automatically set all the parameters necessary to cut a file including cut speed, cut pressure, nesting gap, undercut and overcut, even the colours used in the queue.

For the full story read about Tangent 5 on the Aeronaut website. Read More »

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Low Cost Laser Cutters!

Inline Image The strength of the Australian dollar against the US dollar has allowed Aeronaut to make big price reductions on laser cutters in all power outputs. There's never been a better time to buy an Aeronaut laser cutter.

Read More »

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