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Aeronaut News August-2012

A Pat on the Back.

NASA Spaceman

When you install a cutter at the place where they make the NASA space suits and where the material they are cutting is classified, where your technicians have to be escorted to the loo and where the engineers have more letters after their name than you use to spell yours, it can be a little daunting.

So when the report back says that the "machine performed flawlessly and all of the engineers present were impressed with the cutter and indicated that they felt the level of service from The Fox Company and Aeronaut was unprecedented from any vendor that they have previously dealt with," it's a really great feeling.

Aeronaut's software developers had put a lot of work into improving Tangent's DXF import to not only allow a lot more esoteric spline types and to speed up the import by a factor of 10 but also give far more flexible tool mapping than ever before. Read More »

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SiliconEye Machine Vision

SiliconEye Machine Vision

The next release of Tangent, Aeronaut's industry-leading nesting and cutter driving software, will see the introduction of our SiliconEye machine vision system.

Using a low-cost digital SLR mounted over the vacuum table, SiliconEye imports scaled and undistorted pictures in a few seconds, directly into the background of a Tangent queue to allow interactive nesting onto patterned fabric, pre-printed material and leather hides. Imported pictures can be automatically traced and used for patterns.

A USB camera fitted to the cutting head can scan for registration marks on material on the cutting table and either correct the position of patterns in a queue or stretch the patterns to fit the registration marks. Read More »

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Don't get bitten by a Lion.

Un chat sort ses griffes

Apple rolled out the new OS 10.8 Mountain Lion operating system at the end of July and it has been very well received by users. Before leaping in and clicking on the "Upgrade" button, beware! You may get bitten.

Some customers have upgraded to Lion or Mountain Lion only to find that their heritage software won't run and they either need to downgrade or update all their old software… which can be painful and expensive. It is worth checking carefully before upgrading, to make sure that your "mission critical" software will still run OK. Read More »

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New Cutters on old vacuum tables.

Vacuum Table

Maybe Aeronaut's vacuum tables are overbuilt… but it does mean that you can fit a brand new cutter to an ancient vacuum table without any loss in performance.

We've recently taken several orders to replace 9-12 year old machines with new cutters with new electronics, computers and software and to resurface and re-use the old vacuum table. This gives significant cost savings and the improvements in speed, accuracy and reliability that you get with new machinery. Read More »

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