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Aeronaut News August 2014

Busy, busy, busy….

Manga Tree

After a fairly slow start, last year was one of the most successful years in Aeronaut’s history and by August, our order book was full until Christmas… and this year is shaping up to be even better.

The recent OFPANZ trade show in New Zealand was very positive and we appreciate the terrific support and interest in Aeronaut cutting systems over there.

Currently, half our cutters are exported to the USA with the rest going to Australia, the UK, NZ, Europe and the middle east. A lot are for window furnishings in the USA while others work on products as varied as medical beds, satellite blankets, truck curtains, furniture sails and composites. Go to »

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SiliconEye Machine Vision captures the market


Aeronaut's SiliconEye machine vision system has been a huge success, especially in the USA where every new cutter working in window shades was fitted with one or more SiliconEye cameras over the cutting table. Customers are using SiliconEye for cutting patterned fabrics, nesting into scraps, fault avoidance and quality control.

SiliconEye can be used for efficient nesting of patterns from composites to leather goods. Large objects on long cutting tables are scanned with multiple cameras and stitched together rapidly and seamlessly in Tangent to form a single background image in a queue. Read More »

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20% off All Aeronaut Cutters!


Export customers are welcoming the fall in the Aussie dollar over the last 18 months because it's made our cutters up to 20% cheaper than during the worst of the recession.

Since almost all components used in Aeronaut cutters are made in-house, the drop in exchange rates mean that Aeronaut and distributors are once again able to offer not only great equipment, techology and software but also prices that are hard to beat! Ask for the current pricing from Aeronaut or a dealer in your area… Sales Contacts »

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Advanced Autonesting with Tangent.


Aeronaut is releasing a Tangent update which links with a powerful, flexible and well priced third-party auto-nesting solution. While Tangent's built-in nesting works very well for most tasks, some industries require more advanced features and better performance than Tangent has offered in the past.

Aeronaut has partnered with the UK developer NestFab to develop a background nesting solution which offers a full range of nesting features including background nesting into closed irregular shapes, fault avoidance, time and efficiency based nesting etc. Read More »

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