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Aeronaut News February 2015

R+T 2015 Stuttgart

Tubingen befor building regulations

R+T Stuttgart is the biggest trade show in the world for window furnishings and since this is a large part of Aeronaut's business, we're off to Germany with our winter coats, beanies and a packed lunch.

Aeronaut is in hall 1, stand F51.

Aeronaut pioneered automated ultrasonic cutting for window furnishings and we're showing an Elektron B2 Ultra with a new technology cutting surface which significantly outperforms anything else we've seen and offers excellent cutting, edge sealing and an extended life.

The demo table is fitted with Aeronaut's SiliconEye and Cyclops machine vision systems which can speed up nesting and cutting, especially with patterned or digitally printed fabric, and are indispensable tools when using short ends or scrap fabric.

Aeronaut automated cutting systems typically show a 400% percent productivity increase over conventional cutters on window furnishings and outdoor fabrics and offer tangible benefits in increasing product quality as well as reducing waste, problems and reducing the stress on operators.

Aeronaut representatives from the UK, the USA and France will be on the stand to answer your questions and show why Aeronaut's technology is a cut above the rest.

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Cyclops Machine Vision


Aeronaut released the new Cyclops camera system at the IFAI last year. Now you can really see the point of machine vision!

While Aeronaut's SiliconEye shows you the big picture, a sharp view of the entire cutting table which you can nest over, Cyclops shows you a magnified and detailed picture of what's under the cutting head.

The Cyclops camera is mounted on the gantry and looks at a small area of the cutting table below the head. The image from the camera can be displayed in a floating window attached to the new software joystick feature.

The Cyclops view and the cutting head can be moved in three ways: A mouse click in the Cyclops window will centre the camera at that point. A control click in the main nesting queue will move the machine to that point or you can just click on a joystick button.

Cyclops can be used to locate and examine fabric faults which, in conjunction with Tangent's Fault Line feature, allows you to create a buffer zone and nest around the fault.

Patterns in the queue can be quickly and accurately aligned and rotated to fit printed or patterned material on the vacuum table using Cyclops.

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