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Composite Fabrics

It doesn’t matter whether you’re cutting carbon or glass, pre-preg, dry fibre, spring, foam or cloth, whether you’re involved in sport, aerospace or defense, an Aeronaut cutting system is the intelligent way to cut composite materials.

Aeronaut cutters have been designed from the beginning to work with composites. Aeronaut's heavy duty gantries, bearings and drive systems can put an enormous amount of force down on the cutting blade... far more than most garment industry based machines.

Mast makers and boat builders

Automated cutting is faster, more accurate and more economical than hand cutting. In fact one automated cutter can normally do the work of at least three people, but with zero mistakes and resulting benefits in product quality, reduced waste and improved profitability.

Many composites such as laminates of pre-preg, thick glass cloth and mat which are hard work to cut by hand are easy to cut with a machine. No more sharpening scissors. No expensive dies. No worrying about RSI.

Multi-ply prepreg

Aeronaut automated cutting systems are being used in all types of industries where composites are used to cut composite raw materials faster, cleaner and more accurately.

  • Aerospace.
  • Aviation and ultralights.
  • Automotive.
  • Hang gliding.
  • Marine.
  • Mast making.
  • Military applications.
  • Mining.
  • Motorcycle parts.
  • Rod and tube making.
  • Wind turbines.

Aeronaut manufactures a range of heavy duty cutters all featuring unique quick-change tooling which allows to owner to take advantage of different types of cutting technology and use the best tool for the job.

Glass mat

Since most composites are narrow width, and all Aeronaut cutters are industrial strength machines, you can use any Aeronaut machine from the cheapest up depending on the options you need for your work.

The most common method of cutting composite materials is to use a rotary (pizza) blade knife. This tool cuts with a rolling action and is capable of fast, clean and precise cuts.

Rotary blades are remarkably economical and it normally makes more sense to use a low-cost blade and change it more often than to buy an exotic blade from some special steel or ceramic which may cut for longer but with the downside that the cost per hour is normally worse than for standard blades.

Aeronaut cutters can take blades in 18mm, 28mm and 45mm diameters. Since all Aeronaut cutters have quick-change tooling, blades can be changed easily and quickly off the machine. Removing or replacing a tool from the machine takes 10 seconds and if you have two tools, there's always a new blade ready for use.

Topless glider with composite spars, downtubes and basebar

Where more detailed cutting is required, a drag blade can be fitted. Aeronaut automated cutters take a very wide range of off-the shelf drag blades. The blade holders are fitted with a micrometer depth stop for precise adjustment of cut depth.

Quick-change tooling on Aeronaut cutters allows the fitting of powered tools such as a reciprocating blade cutters and drills. A reciprocating blade cutter can be used to cut thicker materials with ease including foam, thick glass mat and a range of other materials from cardboard to carpet, extending the uses of the cutting system beyond what’s offered on garment based automated cutting systems.

Mast, spars hull and sails all made with Aeronaut

A key part of any automated cutting system is the software used to drive it. Aeronaut’s Tangent program is the most powerful and easy to use nesting and cutter control software on the market. Tangent has been designed from the start to work with industrial textiles, and reads all common CAD and fabric based file formats. You can read more about Tangent here…

Automated cutting is the most profitable way to cut composites and Aeronaut automated cutting systems are the most cost effective tools on the market, and a tool no modern factory can afford to be without.