Aeronaut Automation

Automated Cutting Systems & Software

Industrial, technical and Recreational Textiles

Aeronaut Automation specialises in the manufacture of large format cutting systems for working with industrial and recreational textiles, leather, composites and thicker materials like corrugated cardboard.

Aeronaut cutters have been designed from the beginning to be wide-span rugged, stiff and powerful cutters able to handle the fabric widths and cutting pressures needed with many technical textiles something which very few cutters with garment heritage can claim.

Tension stucture

Unlike garment fabric, materials used in the industrial textiles field vary enormously in composition, width, weight and thickness. Although Aeronaut's cutting systems are available in narrow widths, the majority of our machines are manufactured in wide to very-wide spans, up to an enormous 10.6 metres (33.6 ft.) wide, designed to handle fabric widths commonly used in industrial textiles applications.

Atkins Fabrication

Many textiles used in technical clothing are narrow width but frequently need single or low ply cutting. Material used in the composites industry is an example of this. Carbon, Kevlar and glass in dry or pre-preg form is normally quite narrow but needs specialised single ply machinery to cut.

Police, firefighter's and military clothing is frequently made-to-measure and cut single or low ply. In other cases, the nature of the fabric or the product may mean that single or low ply cutting is essential.

Shade cloth, PTFE coated glass fibre, and a lot of PVC fabrics come in widths up from 2-6 metres. Because of the increasing yields and reduced waste that you get from wide fabric, weavers and finishers are producing wider fabric each year. In many industries, we find that they demand wider span cutters every year and it can be a mistake to buy a cutter which is too narrow.

Aeronaut is unique in manufacturing a full range of automated cutters with ultrasonic, laser, blade and crush cutting technologies with quick-change tooling and often with several technologies on the same machine.

Because of this focus, our cutters are industrial strength machines, able to put a great deal of force on cutting and creasing tools, and do heavy duty work reliably, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week with minimal maintenance.

Giant inflatable

Even if you are working with lightweight materials on narrow tables, the intelligent design of an Aeronaut automated cutter means it will out-last and out-perform the rest.