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The Aeronaut Leather System is a complete system for cutting leather comprising automated pattern and hide scanning, interactive nesting and computer controlled cutting.

The system has been designed from the beginning to be the most affordable and practical leather cutting system on the market. Priced within the reach of small and medium size companies who up to now have been forced to hand-cut, the Aeronaut leather system is perfect for applications such as after-market vehicle upholstery, car restoration, domestic and commercial upholstery as well as bags and luggage.

Of course, Aeronaut automated cutting systems can efficiently cut almost all roll materials as well as foam and support materials used in all types of upholstery and leather goods.

Aeronaut's SiliconEye machine vision system is an ideal tool for working with leather. Digitising patterns, scanning hides or interactive nesting around faults could not be faster or easier. Nesting over high resolution images is more quick and accurate, and far more productive than using overhead projection systems.

Because SiliconEye uses low-cost, off-the-shelf digital cameras and computers combined with easy to use and innovative software, costs are kept to a minimum and system maintenance is absolutely minimal.

The Aeronaut Leather System is based on the Elektron range of automated cutters. These legendary machines are the benchmark standard of performance and reliability in wide format cutters for industrial textiles and have a productive and hard working life measured in decades.

While the features and performance of the Aeronaut Leather System put it in the top range of automated cutters for leather, the price point makes the system affordable for smaller and more specialised companies and workshops making everything from automotive upholstery to furniture.

Leather cutting systems can be based around simple, cost effective rotary blade cutters such as the Elektron Mono or where customers need additional tools for hole punching or finer details, multi-tool machines like the Elektron Quattro or Elektron B2 cutters can be used.

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Leather cutting systems can be built with half or full hide tables in single station or multi-station configuration. The cost of cameras is sufficiently low that multiple cameras are cheaper and more usable than the complex projection rigs of the past. And being an Aeronaut cutter, the system is expandable to suit the work you do, now and in the future.

For more information, see the sections on SiliconEye and Aeronaut automated cutting systems on this site or contact Aeronaut sales for the full story.

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