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Canvas, PVC and synthetic products is a very broad industry category which covers everything from outdoor and equestrian equipment to multi-spectral camouflage products for defense purposes and is one where many Aeronaut cutting systems are being used.

Camper Trailer Queensland

Flat-bed low-ply cutting systems are ideal for this work, where marking the fabric, accuracy of cut and multiple tools are required.

With their heavy duty construction, wide span, high cutting pressures and quick change tooling, Aeronaut cutting systems are ideally suited for the varied nature of this work.

In factories where IT specialists are unknown, simple systems are essential, both on the design side, and the automated cutting side.

Land Rover Soft Top

Whether it is the patterning software or nesting and plotting, the process has to be easy and idiot proof. Aeronaut has worked hard to make this a practical possibility.

Patterning is normally done with general CAD software, often with Aeronaut-devloped plug-in tools and macros making short work of tasks not normally handled by CAD software. Designs like this marquee are very quick and easy to do no more than 5 minutes to get the basic patterns. Adding details such as eyelets and overlaps can take a little longer but this is the easy part. Generally with this type of design, it's not a one-off and the design will be cut many times so it's worth adding all the details you can.

Simple marquee design in Vectorworks

Our CAD software of choice is Vectorworks which interfaces seamlessly with Tangent for nesting and plotting. The Vectorworks programming language allows the rapid creation of poweful plug-in tools. Everything from adding seams to designing caravan annexes, pool covers and truck side curtains can be done with plug-in tools.

Aeronaut has tutorial movies and technical notes on patterning many fabric products and lightweight structures. Please contact Aeronaut if you would like a copy of any one of these using the contacts: request for information link.

The design of structures like the marquee above can be easily automated with a plug-in. However, if only two or three sizes of patterns are going to be needed, then a plug-in tool is not really worthwhile. With structures like the circus tent below, it's likely to be a one-off and will need to be drawn from scratch.

Cats Tent by Baytex NZ

Many materials used in this industry have special requirements. A material as traditional as canvas may be easy to cut, but changes in shape as soon as it comes off the roll. Some patterns may need to be marked on both sides for fabrication.

All these difficulties can be overcome by small changes to production techniques or the use of tools such as fabric creasers which, on a flat bed vacuum table, mark both sides of canvas.

Most work in this area involves fabric wider than 2 metres and Aeronaut cutting systems have found favour with many companies, small and large.

Since a wide range of tools may have to be used, Aeronauts quick change tool holder cutting systems are very popular choices. Go to the products category on this site to see details of these cutting systems.

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