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At Aeronaut, we do take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We want to leave things as good or better than we found them and that requires that we tread lightly on the ground and manufacture our products in an environmentally sound manner.

As a manufacturer, we're lucky to be able to make a product which is expected to last longer than a teenager's tee shirt! We're also fortunate to be able to make our machines from materials which are 99% recyclable… or already recycled.

Aeronaut started manufacturing plotters in the early '90s and automated cutters a few years later and the vast majority are still working somewhere in the world. Many machines have had their electronics upgraded and many new cutters have been fitted to existing vacuum tables.

And because our machines are made mainly from aluminium, they can be easily and economically recycled. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable. Recycling uses 5% of the energy required to make the metal in the first place. Aluminium does not rust or corrode during normal use. So all ways up, it's a first class material in environmental terms.

We use a small quantity of plastic in our machines but much of what we buy is already recycled. Most Aeronaut vacuum tables have a sacrificial cutting surface made from recycled plastic board. Once the cutting surface is no longer suitable, it can also be recycled, back into the same material. 

The drive systems on Aeronaut cutters draw very little power and the iMac computers we mainly use are industry leaders in low energy consumption. In fact the biggest electricity user on an Aeronaut cutting system is the vacuum pump and typically, Aeronaut vacuum tables are market leaders in terms of efficiency and low energy use.

At Aeronaut we're always looking for ways to improve our environmental performance and have recently installed a solar cell array on the factory roof, so we now make a significant part of our daily energy use. 

Aeronaut's solar panel array