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The Aeronaut Advantage

You can buy an automated cutting system from a number of companies. Some cost more than an Aeronaut machine, and others cost less. So why should you choose an Aeronaut cutter over these lesser machines?

Ability, flexibility and performance

Here are a few reasons why.

Industrial strength machines for working with industrial and recreational textiles.

Aeronaut began manufacturing machines for work with industrial and recreational textiles, not garment fabrics. In the first batch of 6 machines which we made, two were over 4 metres wide. Compare this with some other manufacturers who talk about "an impressive 72" wide..." and you may start to notice the difference.

Industrial size

Aeronaut machines are built to take on the toughest work on the widest fabrics, in the roughest environments, 24 hours a day for years and years. 99% of all the machines we have made in the last 19 years are still working somewhere in the world.

So when you compare an Aeronaut cutter with anything else, have a close look at the way the machines are made. Get up on the vacuum table and walk around. Stand on the gantry. Have a good push and pull on the machine and tools. Aeronaut's Elektron Quattro cutter was recognised for its "engineering excellence" by Engineers Australia.


The world is changing at an increasingly rapid rate and fabricators need to move with these changes. Your equipment needs to be designed to let you do the work you have to do. Aeronaut's products are not only well engineered, but are also highly practical and innovative.

  • Bayonet mounted top loading quick-change tooling
  • Cam-lock quick change tooling
  • Drill punch tools with rod ejectors up to 20mm
  • Air cooled laser cutters
  • High power water cooled laser cutters
  • Laser cutters with built-in blade cutting
  • Ultrasonic tooling
  • Reciprocating blade cutters
  • Creasing tools
  • Ink jet pens
  • Integrated fabric feed systems
  • Vacuum table light boxes

The Elektron Quattro. An excellent museum piece!

We know how to cut with scissors and run a sewing machine.

Unlike many companies who manufacture automated cutters, Aeronaut's background is as a user. At least two of our people can drive an industrial sewing machine and have done their time with a pair of scissors on the floor. So all Aeronaut machines are aimed square at the user rather than being just an engineer's or programmer's solution to amarketingproblem.

Technical Competence ahead of marketing

"I'm impressed by Aeronaut's practical approach instead of the marketing approaches of XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX etc. " A German customer emailed this to us some years ago, referring to US, French and UK manufacturers.

Unlike most cutter manufacturers, Aeronaut has always concentrated on industrial textile applications. We have little knowledge of cutting garments.

Not only are 95% of the parts for all Aeronaut machines made on the premises by state of the art CNC machines, but unlike most cutter manufacturers, Aeronaut develops complete integrated software and hardware systems for many industries.

So while we may not be blind makers, sail makers or canvas fabricators, we do understand many of these industries in depth, and take them seriously in a way that most other manufacturers do not.

A Wide Product Range

You might be hard-put to find another manufacturer with the product range offered by Aeronaut. When you buy an Aeronaut cutter, you are getting one of a family of machines which can use some very different cutting technologies including blade, laser, crush and ultrasonic. And you can have a machine which combines more than one of these technologies in a single machine.

The Aeronaut range goes from low-cost single steered tool machines up to extremely versatile multi-tool machines able to carry five or more tools on the same machine.

Because you can get all this in the one place, we're more likely to be able to offer you the right cutting system and the right technology for your job than many other companies.

Rational Engineering

Fortunately, Aeronaut Automation began with a few metal working machines in the spare bedroom, and the first few machines we made were sent thousands of kilometres away. So we got used to designing simple machines which are highly reliable, which need very little service and are very easy to maintain.

Aeronaut is based in Terrey Hills, about 30 kilometres from central Sydney. Terrey Hills is not a centre of aerospace excellence. In fact there are more chicken sheds and horse stables than engineering shops down the road. This means that the manufacturing methods and bought-out components used by Aeronaut are available almost anywhere in the world.

So even now that we have four of the best CNC machines around to make our parts, they're all made with a simple rational engineering point of view.

Spare Parts

There's a saying at Aeronaut… "If it's yellow, it does not break." It is very, very rare that a part made by Aeronaut breaks in service. Customers run machines into rolls of fabric, scissors and all sorts of things and they don't break. We've had customers run fork-lift trucks into machines and they may bend, but they continue working. However, parts do wear out over time.

Aeronaut keeps a huge stock of spare parts for almost all our cutters and for older machines, if the parts are not in stock, we can make them. It's our policy to use standard off-the-shelf items whenever possible and while it is normally faster and safer to buy spares from Aeronaut or a distributor, most items like blades, bearings, motors, drive drive belts and pulleys can be bought in almost any industrialised city in the world.

We'd rather your machine was working 100% all of the time than make a few dollars on a spare part, so we don't scratch off or hide part numbers or paint over them as we've seen on other manufacturer's machines. And if you need something in a hurry and we cannot get it to you in time, the chances are that we can tell you where you can get it fast.

The Fishbowl

Sooner or later, even the best machines will need some service or technical support. At Aeronaut, we have the "fishbowl." Our programmers, service technicians and production manager are all in the same room, complete with a small test cutter. This means that technical enquiries and support questions can be looked at by more than one technicianand that person will have a hands-on knowledge of Aeronaut machines and software.

Aeronaut Distributors

Aeronaut has distributors in most parts of the world, and in most time zones. These companies are carefully chosen to fit with the Aeronaut philosophy. Most are technically orientated rather than sales orientated.

Most of their technical staff will have been trained at the factory in Australia or by Aeronaut technicians. As a result, Aeronaut distributors are very well qualified to sell, service and support Aeronaut machines and software.

Here's the last word from some of our customers

I am impressed by our Aeronaut machine. It is absurd to make comparisons between Aeronaut and XXXXX product. If Aeronaut is a cutter then XXXXX is a toy. A. K. Moscow.

I'm impressed by Aeronaut's practical approach instead of the marketing approaches of XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX etc. The only other system approaching our budget was the XXXXXX. but after seeing it, its junk. J.H. USA.

The XXXXX unit at USD$25,000 is incredibly sexy. Everybody wants one. Problem is they change their mind once they see it, or especially when they try to get a reference from a current owner of one. XXXXX gave me 3 references of companies that bought their plotter in my industry. When I spoke to them, each one relayed to me countless problems. One even reluctantly bought a second unit, calling it a necessary evil: He hated the system but could not justify buying anything more expensive. P.A. USA.

Actually, your machine can cut everything. We also use it for hard materials (cordura, thick foams and polyethylene, etch) rigs, bags and so on. For this just increase the pressure. In comparison with xxxxxx, speed have increased (around 20-40%).

Advantages of Aeronaut cutter are: 1 Accuracy and neatness of details is much more better. 2 Possibility to cut various materials and multilayers for some fabrics (with good airporosity). 3 More reliable work 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

Aeronaut's table is true work-horse and is out performing any other table on the market.