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Multi-purpose Cutters

Aeronaut is dedicated to manufacturing the most versatile machines on the market.

So we make a number of machines which are dual purpose or multi-purpose cutters which bridge the boundaries between different cutting technology. In some cases, Aeronaut's focus on quick-change tool holders means that a machine can be changed from a blade cutter to an ultrasonic cutter or a crush cutter in a matter of seconds. In other cases, the change of role is more dramatic with blade cutters changing into laser cutters.

Elektron B2 Ultrasonic Cutter

The Elektron B2 and Elektron B1 cutters feature large-bore bayonet mount quick-changetool holders. These tool holders can carry a very wide range of tools including power tools such as reciprocating or oscillating blade cutters, grinders and drills, as well as rotary blade tools, drag blade tools, creasing and scoring tools. The Elektron B1 and Elektron B2 can also carry ultrasonic cutting tools and form the basis of the Elektron Ultra machines.

All Elektron quick-change tool holder machines can do blade cutting as well as crush cutting on a suitable table surface. It's not just the quick-change tooling which makes this possible. It's also because the Elektron gantry is remarkably stiff and strong. Strong enough in fact for a 6 metre span gantry to deflect about 6mm when supporting the weight of a fully grown man. We're happy to stand on the gantry of any Elektron cutter at a trade show. If you don't believe this, just ask!

The other feature which enables Elektron automated cutters to crush cut as well as ultrasonic or blade cut is the range of tool pressure which is available on these machines. In almost all cases, Elektron cutters can be fitted with a range of air cylinders to control tool pressure so they'll put down far more force on a tool than other cutters. And most importantly, this force is digitally set using software controls so you use the right amount of cutting or creasing pressure every time.

Laser and blade cutting with the Elektron Laser ZX

The Elektron Laser ZX Duo is an Elektron Laser ZX fitted with an internal Elektron Mono style cutting head. This dual purpose machine is capable of carrying the full range of Cam-lock quick change tooling and is also fitted with a high-power CO2 laser.

The Elektron Mono can be fitted with a Hypergrinder attachment for grinding or sanding the surface of Hypalon material used in inflatable boats so it can be properly joined.

Elektron Mono with Hypergrinder