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Elektron B1 Ultra

The Elektron B1 Ultra is a standard Elektron B1 cutter fitted with an ultrasonic tool and generator.

When used on window shades, the Elektron B1 Ultra can cut and seal all four sides of a shape in the one operation. And because more than one pattern can be nested and cut in the same operation, not only is productivity increased by more than 300%, but waste fabric and mistakes are significantly reduced.

Fitted with the optional high pressure crush cutting components, the Elektron B1 Ultra can also be used as a fully automated crush cutting machine. Same machine, same vacuum table, same easy to use software and you get the productivity and quality improvements of automated crush cutting.

Elektron B1 Ultra Ultrasonic Automated Cutter

The Elektron B1 Ultra is a simple single steered tool automated cutter, and is ideal for use on dedicated ultrasonic cutting tables or on dual purpose cutting tables where two cutting surfaces allow conventional blade cutting as well as ultrasonic cutting.

On dual purpose machines where creasing is required as well as cutting, the Elektron B2 Ultra with two steered toolholders is the right choice.

The cutting surface of the vacuum table on ultrasonic cutters is steel, which allows the ultrasonic tool to work properly. In fact, since all the tools are interchangeable, the cutting surface is the main difference between the Elektron B1 Ultra and a standard Elektron B1.

The ulltrasonic tool is bayonet mounted and fits in the same standard Aeronaut bayonet mount as other tools in this series such as the reciprocating blade cutter and rotary blade tools.

Elektron B2 Ultra Ultrasonic Tool

Cut speeds with an ultrasonic cutter are largely dependent on the fabric which is being cut, but typically are in the region of 400 - 1000 mms/second (18" - 39" per second). Because the Elektron B1 Ultra is an automated cutter, the total speeds achieved on most shapes are excellent, far faster and more accurate than can be achieved by single side machines.

In the case of a machine working on window furnishings, an Elektron B1 Ultra will cut all four sides in the one operation, and will take less than 30 seconds to do the largest shape.

Where the same operation is done by manual or motorised ultrasonic cutters, the time taken to individually cut all four sides of a shape is many, many times longer because the fabric has to be turned by hand and depth stops reset between each cut operation.

Elektron B1 Ultra

The technical specifications of the Elektron B1 Ultra are identical to a standard Elektron B1 it's the same machine. Only the tools fitted are different. For this reason, machines can be supplied with a multi-zoned vacuum table.One zone fitted for ultrasonic cutting, and one fitted for conventional blade cutting and creasing.

The best of both worlds!

  • One bayonet mount steered tool for rapid and accurate tool changes.
  • Fitted with one high-power ultrasonic tool in a quick change bayonet mount allowing tool changes in under 15 seconds.
  • An optional separate drill punch can be fitted in addition to the two steered tools and pen holder.
  • Machines can be expanded in length at any time without extensive rebuilding and re-calibration.
  • Very easy to use
  • Repeatable high accuracy production
  • Smooth and precise cutting
  • Low purchase price
  • Easy servicing
  • Compatible with most software and computers
  • Cheap, widely available consumables
  • Quick installation
  • Expandable
  • Versatile
  • Widely available spares
  • Rigid guide extrusions


  • High performance plotting and cutting
  • Tangentially steered cutting blade with twin instrument ball races for precise cutting
  • Over 25mm tool travel, handles uneven table surfaces
  • Low-backlash Cat drive
  • Optional vinyl sign cutting tool
  • Micro-stepper drive motors
  • Low cost consumable pens and blades
  • Precision ball slide on pen carriage
  • Self centring pen holder ensures quick changes and accuracy with all marker types.
  • Runs from Macintosh or Windows PCs
  • HPGL compatible command language
  • Low maintenance
  • Optional remote joystick control.
  • Cutting widths up to 6.5m (256")
  • Cutting lengths up to 25m (82 feet)


  • Cutting and edge sealing in one operation
  • Repeatable high accuracy production
  • High Speed Operation
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced labour
  • Just-in-Time production
  • Reduced material waste
  • Multiple applications with one machine
  • Simple to use