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Cam-lock Tooling

With one simple spanner you can change any tool in less than 15 seconds.

The Cam-lock tool

With the release of Aeronaut's cam-lock quick change tools on the Elektron range of plotter cutters, every plotter-cutter we make can carry quick change tools.

Cam lock tools are fitted from below using a unique patented mechanism which gives perfect registration of blade angle and height. Aeronaut's cam lock tooling gives 100% accuracy on all tools and they only take a few seconds to lock in place.

Cam-lock tool range

Since the cam lock mechanism is so compact, tool changing can be easily done without needing to pass tools up through holes in the table top as with some machines.

The current range of tools includes rotary blades in 18, 28 and 45mm sizes, creasing and scoring tools in roller and solid profiles, crush cut blade holders, drag blade holders and drill punches.

Cam lock tools are colour coded so you always grab the right tool. Cam locking tools can be retro-fitted to all existing Maxis LC and Maxis Pz cutters.

Contact the factory or your local dealer for full details about existing tooling and specialised tooling options or download the pdf brochure from the downloads section of this site.