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Remote Control

We're now delivering a new design remote control with our cutters.

It's smaller, lighter, stronger and more versatile than the previous one but there are a few more significant advantages.

The new Aeronaut remote control

One big advantage is that the new device is smarter… well, in fact is really is dumber, even though it works better and looks a lot smarter! The main difference between the new and old joysticks is that the new one is much easier to upgrade and easier to add new features to control external devices such as fabric feeders etc.

The old remote control had the intelligence programmed on a chip. The new unit has much less on the internal chip. What's on the screen of the remote and what functions it can perform are now programmed in the motion controller. This is to allow the remote control to work better when used for digitising, calibration and alignment as well as being a better service and diagnostic tool.If there is a problem with the machine, you can see what went wrong with the remote control without requiring a visit from a service technician.

The new remote comes in two varieties wired and wireless. The only difference between the two is that the wireless versions have a transmitter built in. Since the power consumption is so low, it can be used for several days without recharging. Then, you just swap the wired "receiver" with the unwired "transmitter", and the wired unit starts to recharge while the unwired one functions as a transmitter.

Shipping now!