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Grids with SiliconEye

To help match patterns on printed fabric, SiliconEye has a range of interactive features which expand the power of Tangent's alignment grids.

If you are working with patterned materials, it's often essential to make sure that pattern features finish up in the same position on the finished product. This is the case with products from industrial seating to window furnishings. Tangent's grid feature, in conjunction with SiliconEye makes pattern matching about as simple as it can be.

Grids in the nesting window can be created as a two-click process, click once to set the grid origin and again to set the repeat. Grid spacing can be quickly adjusted by small increments to get the optimal fit, whatever the distortions on the fabric print.

Grids can even be rotated to fit fabric which has not been positioned square on the table.

Since simple maths can be done with Tangent's edit fields, grid spacing can be easily divided into fractional increments.

Pattern matching on printed textiles is never a trivial matter. There are many fabrics which don't have a simple pattern repeat but Aeronaut's SiliconEye makes pattern matching about as easy as it can be.