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Truck Tarps

Truck tarps are an ideal product for patterning with plug-in tools.

They are also an ideal product to be cut on a flatbed cutter. Jobs which take an hour or more to do by hand can be done in a few minutes on an automated cutter with no bending and no back strain.

With a plug-in tool, it is possible to design a wide range of tarp types with the same plug-in, just be selecting different options from a menu or entering different values for dimensions and fittings. It takes no longer to design and pattern a custom job as it does for a standard product.

Drawings can be exported as patterns, or dimensioned and annotated for presentation or checking by the customer or production staff.


Because you don't have to be a CAD expert to use a plug-in tool, design work becomes a less intensive task that many people can do. The implications of this in a small business can be enormous, freeing up key people and giving extra time to selling, installing or taking time off from a business to enjoy life. 

If you are interested in automating your pattern design, talk to Aeronaut about what a plug-in tool can do and we can discuss the feasibility and give you a cost for the job.