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ParaSol ADE

The ParaSol suite of shade design software uses Automatic Data Entry (ADE) to automate the process of entering design and order information. ADE offers huge productivity improvements at minimal expense.

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The cutter operator is free to continue cutting and mistakes from wrongly entered size, fabric and design information are eliminated. The ADE process happens in the background and does not affect nesting and cutting operations at all. 

All types of window furnishings and shades can be automated with ADE. Hundreds of awnings, rollers and roman patterns, however complex, can be developed in seconds with no operator intervention. The resulting patterns can include  the full range of ParaSol extras such as additional panels, pulls, pelmets and valances.

When ParaSol has processed an ADE file, a list of order items is automatically generated. When the operator has time, the order list can be sorted into fabric styles and exported, ready to nest. Each different fabric style will open a new queue or window in Tangent with the patterns laid on the fabric ready to nest and cut.

ADE pattern generation and nesting can also be carried out in the production office, remote from the cutting station. This allows accurate estimation of cut lengths so that the required fabric can be ready at the cutter when the job is scheduled for cutting.

ParaSol ADE files are very simple text based files which can be generated by many order management systems and even from spreadsheets. The files are human-readable so they can be easily edited and debugged when setting up the system. 

In most cases, there are few parameters to enter because the ADE files are triggering designs and using fabric parameters which are already in the ParaSol fabric, styles and design database.

ParaSol also generates a log file and a clear on-screen display showing orders which have been successfully processed and those with problems.

Aeronaut's Automatic Data Entry system has been in use for more than 10 years and is used by major window furnishings manufacturers around the world.