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TouchCAD is a 3D modeling and unfolding program with a unique ability to generate complex 3D shapes and convert them into flat patterns complete with seam overlaps.

TouchCAD Conical

TouchCAD can be used in the fabrication of products such as tents, blimps, awnings, inflatable objects etc.TouchCAD can also unfold very high resolution images applied to the 3D models. TouchCAD is available for Mac OSX and Windows.

Cats touring tent from Baytex NZ

TouchCAD is not the most expensive 3D CAD program on the market. In fact it is incredible value for money. But just because the program does not cost a fortune does not mean that it is not very powerful. All 3D software takes time to learn, but TouchCAD has many features that make this process easy and worthwhile. The TouchCAD demo movies are a terrific tool to get you started.

TouchCAD inflatable tent from Lundstrom Design

TouchCAD can unfold shapes and export patterns in several formats ready to cut. The patterns are fully developed with seam allowances, strike-up marks and panel numbers.

TouchCAD is developed in Sweden byLundstromDesign. One of the great features of the program is the terrific support you get from the company and users group.

TouchCAD flattens 3D images

TouchCAD from Lundstrom

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