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Pause Bone

The Pause Bone is a simple, lightweight and reasonably priced wireless pause control for Elektron cutters and wide-span stringers. The Pause Bone is supplied with a lanyard which may be worn around the neck.

The Pause Bone is equipped with a pair of stop/start buttons which can be used to pause the motion of a cutter and an LED to display when the machine is in the paused state.

Typically, the Pause Bone is used in situations where occasional pausing is necessary, for example with a wide-span stringer, and the wire on a wired remote control joystick is not long enough, the weight of a wired or wireless joystick is too much or the device is too bulky.

Considering how easy it is to use wireless remote controls, we put a lanyard on the Pause Bone so you can hang it around your neck!