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Aeronaut News 2011

The Aeronaut Advantage.

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It's been a interesting year to be an Australia exporter! Nevertheless, Aeronaut has shipped a lot of machines overseas. Business seems to be strong in the UK and thanks to the Fox Company, our sales in the USA, a notoriously tough market for exporters, have been excellent.

So why would companies in the US and Europe buy an Aeronaut cutter over locally made machines? It's easy to think that Aeronaut makes cutters which are much like the rest, but that's not the case.

Aeronaut is very strong in engineering and innovation. No US or UK made cutter has precision 10 second quick-change tooling. Aeronaut alone offers a complete range of automated cutters; fixed and rotary blade, powered oscillating blade, laser, crush and ultrasonic. Aeronaut's Elektron gantry is very stiff and ideal for creasing, crush cutting, scoring and making good sized holes with a drill punch.

Aeronaut has pioneered industry leading technologies like multi-purpose cutters, software pressure control of cutting, multi-window software, multi-cell vacuum tables and much more… Read More »

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The Elektron Laser ZT

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The Elektron Laser ZT is the first model in a new line of Aeronaut laser cutters from 60 - 100 watts.

The Elektron Laser ZT combines big cutting power in a small, fast and lightweight laser and is well suited to the single ply or stack cutting and edge sealing of light to medium weight fabric used in industries such as parachutes, paragliders, sailmaking, medical and filtration.

The very high power of the new range of laser tubes means that the The Elektron Laser ZT can cut even heavier fabrics at a good production speed and the lightweight chassis means that cutting details can be raced through as well.

New integrated electronics and an "all metal" tube (there's still a small window at the beam exit) mean a rugged, dependable laser with absolutely minimal maintenance costs and a higher usable operating temperature range. Read More »

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Tangent 5.

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Tangent 5 has been shipping on all new Aeronaut cutting systems since January and it's proving to be a great success.

As expected, users say Tangent 5's best features are templates and the ability to nest and cut in the background.

Templates. Using templates, you can import pattern files into Tangent and automatically set all the parameters necessary to cut a file including cut speed, cut pressure, nesting gap, undercut and overcut, even the colours used in the queue.

Multi-tasking. Tangent can open files, nest and cut all at the same time (even if your brain can't!). You can queue background nesting even while opening files with the cutter working away in the background. Read More »

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The Mighty Mikron

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Anyone who knows Aeronaut's Johnny "the laser" Wilkins might recognise his size 12 boots on the Mikron gantry.

After a few months of his winter diet, Johnny is putting down a good few kilos on the Mikron… what better way to show how even a low cost machine can be build tough and built well!

The Mikron has been selling very well since the first machine was shipped in January with some going to new buyers in Europe and others going to owners of 12-15 year old Aeronaut cutters, looking to upgrade on a budget.

The lower-cost Mikron control system can also be retro-fitted to "heritage" Aeronaut cutters to upgrade them to 21st century electronic. This gives us an economical way to keep these otherwise perfectly reliable machines still working hard for their owners. Read More »

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