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Aeronaut News June 2015

Spectex15 Melbourne. This weekend!

The Yarra in the sun

SpecTex15 is Australiasia's big industry trade show and conference for everyone involved with technical, recreational and industrial textiles, components, equipment and services. It's on at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) on Sunday 28th June & Monday 29th June 2015, 10 am to 4 pm. We're on stands 44-45.

There are few sights as pretty as the river Yarra sparkling in the warm winter sun, especially for northerners so we hope you're coming on down!

Online registration is free, but you'll be charged at the door. So if you're coming along, either follow the link below to Aeronaut's website or go directly to the STA website and put your name down.

SpecTex15 is focussing on delivering educational programs and high profile speakers along with the traditional and innovative trade displays.

Aeronaut will be hosting full demonstrations of pattern scanning and cutting using SiliconEye, laser digitising and Tangent nesting software.

We're showing an Elektron Quattro automated cutter fitted with Aeronaut's SiliconEye and Cyclops machine vision systems and hosting a demonstration of digital patterning and cutting.

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Kiwis go high-tik bro!


New Zealand's Peter May goes high-tech with an Elektron Quattro 3 cutting system fitted with SiliconEye overhead cameras.

There may be a lot of leg pulling between Australia and those small islands to the east, but there's no doubt that the Kiwis punch above their weight in many industries and even the occasional sporting event.

After seeing an Elektron Quattro at the STA show in Brisbane two years ago, they have installed a 3 metre x 10 metre cutter for cutting their range of products which include shade and ag structures, seat covers and high quality marquees.

Peter May are using SiliconEye and Vectorworks in some interesting ways, including rapid digitising of patterns to speed up production.

"What might have taken days to design, draw up and cut out in the past might now be finished in hours."

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Meanwhile, back at the factory…


Since returning from R+T and the JCE composites trade show in March, it's been foot flat to the floor at Aeronaut.

R+T was very successful and all who saw our new composite ceramic cutting surface were very impressed. We spend a lot of time demonstrating SiliconEye and Cyclops where the advantages over other methods of working were easy to see.

Aeronaut has always been at the cutting edge of innovation in industrial textiles. We were the first to demonstrate an X/Y ultrasonic cutting system for window furnishings and unique in offering a complete range of cutting technologies including rotary blade, fixed blade, oscillating blade, ultrasonic and laser.

Right now, we're up to our ears in some exciting projects which are close to release including a new high power oscillating pneumatic knife, ultrasonic knives for cutting composites and other difficult materials, power feed fabric support cradles to take fabric rolls up to several hundred kilograms.

In the Fishbowl, software development has focussed on several areas. The ones for Tangent were speed and stability. Tangent 2015 is now faster and more stable than anything before.

There's been a lot of work on advanced list-driven automation, inkjet printing of text and graphics as well as autonesting and improved grid features to improve production workflow.

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