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Plug-in CAD design

Plug-in tools give any industry the power of specialised rapid pattern design software at a fraction of the cost and development time.

Aeronaut develops plug-in tools for which allow complete patterns to be created in just a few seconds, ready to cut, by entering a few numbers and clicking a mouse. Complex patterns can be developed in no time at all and take the design process to something which almost anyone can do. The range of possibilities is almost unlimited. We've already developed hundreds of parametrics for products as diverse as package designs, boom covers, truck side curtains, swimming pool liners and caravan or trailer annexes.

The cost of having your own plug-in design tools is far less than the cost of most stand-alone applications and the pay-back time can be measured in weeks rather than years. Plug-ins can create drawings suitable for cut patterns or for use in sales presentations or production.

Plug-ins are parametric, meaning designs can be reshaped by selecting options from a menu or entering a few key dimensions. Parametric design lends itself to customised products where designs is of similar shapes, but with different sizes or with different options.

The Boxer Parametric box design

Since the plug-ins run in a CAD Program, you can always add special design elements to individual patterns where required, allowing full customisation with just-in-time production.

There is practically no limit to what can be designed like this. The shapes can be as small and varied as cardboard boxes, or as large as swimming pool liners. Many different variants to a similar shape can be achieved with parametric plug-ins. It's an easy matter to save master patterns so they can be reused or reshaped at any time.

Pool Liners Plug-in Tool

The fabrication of truck side curtains or tautliners lends itself to plug-in design. Rather than make a stand-alone program, almost all types of truck side curtains can be designed with the same Aeronaut plug-in tool.

Conservatory blinds is another job for plug-ins. The cost of programming a stand-alone application for this is huge compared with the cost of a plug-in tool.

Conservatory Blinds Plug-in Tool

These examples are just a few of the plug-in tools Aeronaut has already developed. Aeronaut is continually developing plug-in tools for industry specific applications on a non-exclusive basis. If there is something your industry needs, contact Aeronaut. We may have developed your tools already!