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Elektron B2 Sample Maker

The Elektron B2 Sample Maker… The most cost-effective answer to sample making and short-run production.

Aeronaut’s Elektron B2 Sample Maker is a simple, solid and reliable production machine designed to make your work quick, easy and profitable. It doesn’t matter if it’s sample making, point of purchase displays or short run packaging, the Elektron B2 will cut it, 24 hours a day, day in, day out.

Originally developed for the North American market in 1997, the Aeronaut Elektron B2 is the latest generation automated cutter for the corrugated and packaging industry. The combination of a heavy-duty Elektron chassis and Aeronaut’s time proven bayonet mount tooling makes the Elektron B2 a market leader in terms of cost, performance and reliability.

And while there are more expensive machines on the market, there are none that can match the Elektron B2’s combination of performance, reliability, low maintenance and affordable purchase price.

The Elektron B2 Sample Maker features two steered bayonet tool holders fitted with a reciprocating blade cutter and a creaser/scoring tool. Tools can be swapped in a matter of seconds for blade changes to configure the cutter for different types of work. Aeronaut's time-proven reciprocating blade cutter takes standard off-the-shelf blades which can be fitted without modification.

The Aeronaut vacuum table is a simple, rugged construction. The vacuum area can be split into many individual zones and the table extended on site at any time. The cutting mat used on Aeronaut sample makers is recycled rubber. Low cost and high friction, the mat grips like mad, does not get blocked with cardboard dust and can be easily and cheaply replaced.

The heavy-duty, low maintenance construction of the Elektron B2 has been proved over 15 years and hundreds of machines in everything from the design offices of multi-nationals to owner operated short-run production shops.

The Elektron B2 is designed to handle every production requirement from basic packaging and die-less cutting to POP and digitally printed displays in a wide range of materials from box board to corflute and tri-wall, 24 hours a day.

Drop-in bayonet mount tooling means the cutter can be reconfigured in seconds to give un-matched versatility, making the machine as much at home in the design studio as a short run box factory.

Software controlled cut and crease pressure with a wide range of blade types and creasing profiles assure excellent and repeatable quality results. A wide range of optional tools including static knives, fabric cutters and kiss cut sign blades are available.

Cutting tables are available in a wide range of sizes which can be extended on site. Tables come with a low cost, high friction cutting mat and switchable vacuum zones with a matching computer workstation.

The Elektron B2 Sample Maker can be used with all commonly available design programs such as including Illustrator, ArtiosCAD, Impact, Laserpoint, VisionPack, AutoCAD etc. or it can be supplied with Aeronaut's own software, The Boxer, which is a reasonably priced alternative to the big name software brands and is ideally suited to short-run production work with a design-to-cut time measured in seconds.

For a machine to work profitably, it must be reasonably priced, it must work quickly and reliably, and the cost of keeping it working over the years must also be reasonable. Aeronaut Automation specialises in rational engineering... making the best quality machines for the intended area of work... providing everything essential to the job and making sure it’s engineered to suit the application.

Aeronaut Automation has been manufacturing sample makers for close to 15 years and the design and components used in the Elektron B2 are well proved in the field. Most parts are made in-house on our own state-of-the-art CNC machines or, like the Swiss motor and gears used in the reciprocating blade cutter, are the best quality parts we can find.

The reciprocating blade cutter and static knife and pen holder are designed to take commonly available types, available anywhere, which can be fitted without modification. Spare parts such as drive belts, bearings, pulleys and motors are standard parts, commonly available anywhere in the world.

For the full story on the Elektron B2 Sample Maker, download the pdf brochure from the downloads section of this site, or request a quotation using the online form or from an Aeronaut distributor.