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Bayonet Mount Tool Range

The first Aeronaut cutter with quick change tooling was the Maxis ll in 1997. This cutter was originally designed for marking, cutting and creasing corrugated cardboard, but we soon found that the ability to change tools to suit the job was applicable to almost all industries.

The Elektron B2 and Elektron B1 have top-loading bayonet locking tools and the wide bore of the toolholder allows a wide range of powered and un-powered tools to be fitted very quickly which greatly increases the flexibility and power of the cutter as a machine tool.

Reciprocating blade cutter

Although it's true that you can change the tools on other makes of cutter, mostly it's a slow and fiddly procedure.

On Aeronaut cutters, changing tools is so easy that most operators will remove the tool to change the blade rather than fiddling about under the cutting head. If tool changing is quick and easy, it makes sense to use the right tool for every job, now and in the future.

It is also true that most cutters from other manufacturers can carry more than one tool. But the tool range is normally limited by the space under the cutting head, and the power of the cutter to hold more difficult tools down on the job. But with Aeronaut cutters, the gantry is stiff enough and powerful enough to hold down tools such as creasers, scorers and drag blades in the most difficult materials.

Bayonet Mount Tool Range

If you have not experienced quick change tooling on a cutter cutter, you should! You would not buy a metal-working CNC machine without looking at the tooling options, so why would you buy a automated cutter with fixed or limited tool change features?

The Elektron B2 and Elektron B1 cutters features rugged top-loading bayonet mount tools. Tools drop in and lock in the tool holder just like the lens on an SLR camera. These include reciprocating cutters, routers and sanders, air and electric powered tools, creasing tools in a range of profiles and styles, scoring tools and drag blades. These heavyweight tools are ideal for working with industrial textiles on machines working 24 hours a day.

Contact the factory or your local dealer for full details about existing tooling and specialised tooling options or download the pdf brochure from the downloads section of this site.