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Overhead Projectors

Overhead cameras and projectors are fitted to many Aeronaut cutting systems for several different purposes and may be used singly or in combination.

Using an overhead projector, it is possible to project a nesting window accurately to scale on the cutting table. This allows an operator to see exactly where a pattern is being nesting on a leather hide or a length of fabric for pattern matching or avoiding faults. 

Depending on the resolution of the projector and computer system, it is possible to get an accuracy of ± 1 pixel which can amount to a distance of 4mm or thereabouts which is adequate for most purposes. Not all digital projectors can be used for this purpose: it is necessary to have a projector which can be operated vertically, which can take a wide angle lens and one which has the right correction ability built-in to remove obvious picture distortions.

Overhead camera/projector rigs.

Overhead camera/projector rigs can be simple systems hung of the ceiling or a nearby wall or off a goal-post over the table. Overhead rigs can also be mobile systems where the camera/projector system is moved manually, or under software control along the table so it is overhead each cutting station on a multi-bay table.