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Tangent 2017

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Tangent 2017 is the latest release of Aeronaut's industry-leading cutter driver and nesting software. Tangent has always been at the cutting edge of machine control software in the industrial, recreational and technical textiles field and now Tangent 2017 has many new features which put it further ahead and make this an essential upgrade.

These are the headline features of Tangent.

  • SiliconEye Machine Vision
  • Cyclops Machine Vision
  • Software virtual joystick
  • Alignment and Registration Marks
  • Scaling patterns to registation marks
  • Angled Grids and guides
  • Built-in Swatch Making
  • Fault Line fabric defect tools
  • Tangent Automatic Data Entry
  • Additional DXF Compatibility
  • Vectorworks 2017 Compatibility

SiliconEye Machine Vision. Tangent 2017's headline feature is SiliconEye Machine Vision. SiliconEye gives your cutting system a wide range of new, exciting but most of all, useful features to help solve numerous daily cutting problems. For more information on SilionEye, see SiliconEye.


Cyclops Machine Vision extends SiliconEye's capabilities. Cyclops can be used in conjunction with siliconEye or by itself for rapidly and accurately performing a range of functions from pattern alignment, grid development, fabric fault location as well as pattern and stripe matching.


Tangent's software virtual joystick gives you the ability to move the cutter around the table, set alignment and registration marks, locate faults, set grids and fabric feed parameters without leaving the computer. Unlike some competitive machine vision systems, where the operator has to continually move between the computer and a joystick fixed to the cutting table or to the gantry, Tangent's software joystick lets you control all machine features directly from the computer.

Software joystick

Alignment and Registration Marks. Tangent has an extended set of tools for aligning cut profiles to printed and patterned material, grids and registration marks. If you cut anything more complicated than rectangles on plain material, then Tangent's alignment and registration mark tools will make your life easier.

Registration marks can be easily set in a queue using a pointer, the cutter and a joystick or with SiliconEye.

Scaling patterns to registration marks. If you are working with patterned or digitally printed materials then you'll know that it's common for cut profiles not to fit exactly because the material has shrunk or expanded compared with the cut profile. Tangent give you the option of centring the cut profile between registration marks or scaling the profile to fit the pattern. Fitting cut profiles to registration marks is a simple two-click process.

Angled Grids and guides. It's not always easy to put material square on the cutting table and it can be a lot quicker to rotate a pattern on a computer screen than to move the fabric. With Tangent 2017, grids no longer have to be lined up with a machine axis, they can be skewed to the fabric on the table or any angle you want, so you can easily rotate patterns to suit the fabric.

Tangent Rotated Grids

Built-in Swatch Making. You can now create matrixes of swatches, complete with punch-holes directly in Tangent. If you've got a queue of nested patterns with some wasted space, you can now generate a set of swatches in an instant to fill the gap and avoid throwing out good fabric.

Tangent Swatches

Fault Line fabric defect tools. Faults in fabric can make life difficult when cutting. Now, with Tangent's Fault Line feature, you can add a range of different fault markings to a queue and nest patterns to avoid the fault. Pulled threads can be entered with a single click and rectangles, ovals and polygonal faults to mark defects and marks can be accurately entered by drawing in the queue.

Faults marks can be position in the queue in a number of ways… the cutter can be jogged to the fault with the joystick, the position can be measured with a tape or most easily, you can use SiliconEye.

Tangent Automatic Data Entry Tangent Automatic Data Entry (ADE) provides a quick and easy way to get pattern data into Tangent without using a CAD or design program. Data can be generated by most order management software, spreadsheets and even word processors. For more on this see Tangent ADE.

Additional DXF Compatibility. Every year the goal posts move slightly with DXF files and each year, Tangent's DXF import feature changes to read more entity types.

Vectorworks 2013 Compatibility. Tangent 2017 now reads all of the new entity types in Vectorworks and Vectorscript files including native reading of bezier files.